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If you are looking for a unique opportunity that allows you to capitalize on the Franchise phenomenon in a new, cost effective way then you have come to the only place that can offer you such an opportunity! Once you have reviewed this site and you understand what it is I do and how I do it, then you can become a “Scout” for Franchise Hunters as well.

You will need to review my other site in careful detail so as you understand the technology tools which will make you successful in this business.

Please review http://scopeoutleads.com (Come on a Polar Bear – Adventure!)

As I stated before, these “systems” change the game and allow you to put your business on fully automatic when it comes to marketing. Again, it does not matter which business you’re in, these systems allow you to fully automate the process.

 My very unique opportunity requires these technologies and a little more,

 Here it is!

 If you obtain these technologies (for your own business or not) and become proficient with the technology [Cost to get started $422.00 – if you haven’t done the math yet = Cost of starting MLM Formula [$25.00] and Lead Net Pro [$397.00]] – Then you can start immediately as a “Scout” for Franchise Hunters!   

Franchise Hunters is a company which “Hunts Down” the perfect franchise for people looking to get into business. With a Franchise, a person is in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Franchising is exploding in North America and around the World! Franchising has proven it’s self as one of the best ways to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

 I am a fully licensed International Franchise Broker/Consultant associated with the Business Alliance out of Seattle Washington and live in Northern Canada.

 As a “Scout” you will utilize these technologies to find specific people looking for Franchises that realize the advantages a Consultant/Broker offers. You can work at it as you wish. You then utilize these technologies to assist Franchise Hunters in completing Steps 1 & 2.(Remember the steps!)

You are then paid a commission of 30% of the fee or in the range of :

$3000.00 – $10,000.00 – depending on the franchise acquired by the “Qualified Candidate”. In addition after 20 franchises acquired by leads you generate, that are qualified, you can graduate and become an affiliate to the Business Alliance yourself for Free! That’s right, after 20 franchises that earn you $3000.00 – $10,000.00 each, I’ll pay your Affiliate costs and you can become an “International Franchise Consultant” as well! – Think about that – Franchise Hunters will pay you between $60K – 200K and cover your costs to Graduate!

One final note: You must complete the exam below and score 100% on all of the tests.(100%? – Yep – I need to know that Franchise Hunter “Scouts” are committed and competent – If you don’t score 100% the first time – try, try again!) This will give you the understanding you require to be a “Scout” and prepare you for your future as a Franchise Consultant, Franchisee or Franchisor should you choose that path. This exam is recognized by the International Franchise Association and the link is below:

Franchise Hunters’ Scout Training Course!

Yes – This course is FREE! – Once on the site – click the “Free Course

tab: Re- Franchise Basics

I will only work with 10 “Scouts” total – That’s it! And since this is a new launch of this concept I only have 7 positions available at this time. After which, once full, you will have to be placed on the waiting list for a “Scout” to graduate.

please note: (Scouts are not obligated to Graduate and may stay a Scout with Franchise Hunters with a minimum of 2 Qualified Candidates annually!) 

I look forward to your inquiry and wish you the best in your endevours,

e-mail me at: info@franchisehunters.ca to advise me of your interest or if you have any questions.

This is Polar Bear Joe – I look forward to you joining me on the Quest to help people “Hunt Down” the perfect Franchise for them,


Joseph Toal

(Polar Bear Joe)

Polar Bear Joe Invites You to Join Him on Safari

Written on September 14th, 2011

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