Franchise Hunters is a licensed affiliate of, the Business Alliance, Inc., a leading network of Franchise Consultants. Franchise Hunters draws on the over 20 years of experience provided by the Business Alliance, Inc. Franchises are continually reviewed and made available to the affiliates.

Business Alliance has over 150 licensed affiliates in the United States and Canada. These affiliates are continually bringing new franchise opportunities to the awareness of Business Alliance. This is a great benefit to you, the client, because it aids Franchise Hunters in identifying the best franchise opportunity for you.

Franchise opportunities are:
Part-time, fulltime or part-time growing into fulltime.
Home-based or brick-and-mortar.
Retail, service, business-to-business, sales, consulting and more.
Owner-operator or investor.

Our Mission Statement is to:
Provide the individual that is considering franchising with the best quality franchise opportunities that meet their investment, personal and family needs and is Best for them.

The 10 Steps to obtaining the Perfect Franchise!

 Step 1 – Contact Us

There is no time like the present to see what options you have.  Your contact information is kept confidential and is reviewed by our staff to provide you the best opportunities for your particular needs.

Simply e-mail us :   and provide us your contact information and best time to call. The first call will only take 10-15 minutes of your time and we can get to know you and your preferences regarding a franchise. This call will also schedule a follow-up first appointment that will be about 45-60 minutes.

Step 2 – First Appointment

 One of our Professional Consultants or Scouts will contact you at the scheduled time and this appointment can be completed over the phone or on Skype.(Well, you know Oprah uses Skype!).  This appointment will allow us to Understand your particular goals and needs and will allow us to find the best opportunity for you.  We will then set a follow up an appointment to present you with opportunities that fit your requirements.

 Step 3 – Research

 We take the information provided by you, research available franchises and match them with your stated goals and needs. There are over 1800 franchises and our goal is to identify the best 3-4 franchises that match your requirements.

 Step 4 – Presentation

 We present you with the opportunities that we have identified in our research.  This meeting should accomplish two goals.   First, if any of the opportunities are of interest to you, then we will arrange an introduction directly to the representative of the franchise.  This will require that you complete and submit a confidential questionnaire to be supplied to the Franchisor.  The Franchisor wants to know that you are financially qualified to purchase their franchise, that your timeframe to buy is within reasonable limits, and that your partners or family are in complete agreement with you buying a business.  This does not obligate you in any way.  It simply shows the Franchisor that when you find the right opportunity then you are capable of buying it.

 Second, this step will allow us to clarify your goals and needs identified in Step 2, sending us back through Steps 3 & 4.   This may take place several times throughout the process. 

 It is important to remember that the Franchise Consultant or Scout is presenting you opportunities, but you must make the decision that is best for you and your family.  Therefore, refining the criteria for the best opportunity for you is an ongoing process.

 Step 5 – Introduction to Franchisor

 For each of the opportunities that you have an interest, we will introduce you to the Franchisor.  The Franchisor will send materials to help you become acquainted with their franchise.  They will also send the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which is a disclosure document for their franchise opportunity.  The FDD receipt should be signed and returned to the Franchisor immediately.

 Step 6 – Review of the FDD

 Your Professional Franchise Hunter Consultant will discuss the items that are contained in an FDD with you; in particular items that you should pay close attention.  You should then review the FDD in complete detail writing down any questions or concerns for discussion with the Franchisor.  The FDD will contain a list of franchisees and contact information. Most FDD’s will also include an Item #19 which discloses earning of their franchisees along with average earnings in the last 12 months. This gives you a realistic expectation on your Return on Investment.(ROI)

 Step 7 – Call Franchisees

The Franchisor should provide you a list of several franchisees for you to call to ask questions about the franchise.  Obviously, the Franchisor is going to give you a list of franchisees that are successful and have positive things to say about the franchise.  The reason for calling these references is that you want to ask them why and how they became successful.   Then you need to determine if you can be do the same things that they did to be successful.

 Step 8 – Consultation with Attorney and Accountant

 You should always consult with an attorney and an accountant before making a decision.  It is important to insure that both people have a good background in franchising.  If they don’t, then the process may cost you more that you needed to pay while they do their research. 

 Step 9 – Attend a Discovery Day

 Most franchisors have a Discovery Day, where they will invite you to their location.  You will not only get crucial information for your decision, but will get to meet the staff that will be providing your initial training and continuing support.

 Step 10 – Decision Time

 You have taken all of the steps up to the door, and now you must open it.  Decision time.  Congratulations you have decided to buy a franchise.  You have become a “Frantrepreneur”, a cross between a traditional entrepreneur and a modern franchise owner.  A person that possesses the desire to be a business owner, but does not want to recreate the wheel. 


 Franchise Hunters is not an agent, employee, representative, or other functionary of the seller of the respective business opportunities and franchises introduced to you.

Franchise Hunters is an Independent Contractor engaged in the activity of introducing prospective business buyers to sellers of franchises and business opportunities.

 If you select a business from a company that was introduced by the consultant, the seller pays Franchise Hunters a referral fee or commission.

 Franchise Hunters is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the seller, and assumes no responsibility for the acts, errors, or omissions of the seller, or the outcome of any transactions.

Franchise Hunters is not qualified to advise in any part of the purchase of a business opportunity.  You are urged to seek professional advice from an attorney, accountant, or other qualified resource.

Buying a business is a complicated investment!  Take your time to decide, and personally visit the headquarters of the company you elect to buy from.  The FDD lists current and former franchisees; you should interview them thoroughly.  You should always make good common sense decisions in all investment matters.

 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates the sale of franchises and business opportunities.  Contact the nearest office to you for information to assure yourself that any company you deal with is in full compliance with the law.

 Your State or Province may also have laws regarding franchises and business opportunities.  Ask your State agencies about them.

 The Better Business Bureau is an excellent information source for potential business buyers.  Contact your local bureau, as well as, the bureau, in the city of origin, of the seller. You alone are responsible for researching the seller.


Written on September 14th, 2011

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    We are currectly based in South africa. If there are better opportunity that suits the market , we are willing to relocate.

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